Outfit of the day: Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Today it’s Friday and I’m so happy, because I’ll chill the whole day. In Essen/Germany the weather is very rainy and sloppy so it’s the best decision to stay in bed and relax all day long. And it’s better for me to stay at home because today my business cards will be send and during the week it’s difficult for me to pick up several shipments because I’m working in Düsseldorf/Germany. In general I’ve to answer some mails and do some housework. I know it isn’t so interesting but I’ve to do that. And I hope my order from Acne Studios will be arrive today. If you would like to know what’s inside my box you’ve to watch my snaps on Snapchat (fashionstylistm).
I’m looking forward to see you there.
All best and a lovely weekend, XX Maria.

velvet jacket embroidered and leather bag with feather detail: Zara
grey basic shirt and black trousers: Monki
fur loafer similar to Gucci
monster key charm similar to Fendi