Outfit of the day: Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy!

In general I would like to buy all mohair pieces from H&M Trend because I’m so in love with these lazy items. I hope to buy some other goods at the next sale period. By the way my business cards arrived and I’m happy with the clean layout. You could have a look to my Instagram account. If you would like to create your own business cards and you don’t have enough time to wait, visit ‚flyeralarm‘. Incidentally I would like to ask you if you’re interested to know more about my skin care routine or my daily make up products? Please let me know!
I wish you an easy-going week and all the best, XX Maria.

mohair cardigan, grey top & pleated wide-leg trousers: H&M
timeless classic bag: Chanel
gold bracelet: Monki