Outfit of the day: You give me eyes to see the beauty that is all around me!

Hello my lovely friends.
My last week wasn’t so fascinating because I was sick for some days and that’s the reason why I stay in bed all day long. On Saturday I celebrated my birthday. The best birthday present was to have some time with my boyfriend. We had a little brunch at our favorite café Zucca in Essen/Germany. By the way thanks a lot for all your lovely and cordial birthday wishes on Instagram and Snapchat. In general it would be so great to see more from my follower on Snapchat. I’m happy about every single follower. My name is: fashionstylistm , without ‚b‘.
I hope you have a simply wonderful week. Kisses, Maria ❤

P.S: If you would like to go to the cinema next time you have to watch 'The Revenant' or 'The Hateful Eight'.

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grey mohair sweater: H&M
black skirt with flower details: H&M
vernice shoes: Kurt Geiger
small bag with metalic feather detail: Zara