Outfit of the day: Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!

Hello my lovely friends, after one week without mascara and some pain I could show you a new ootd. I had some problems with my right eye because of an injured cornea. But now I would say all is fine and I’m so happy to wear mascara again (I love mascara). I read that the „I love extreme“ by Essence is a good one. I tried this one the first time and it’s amazing how good this product is. By the way this one is so cheap, you’ve to try this one. And I’m really happy with my new Balenciaga boots because it’s the last time that you could buy these boots and finally these ones are mine. I hope you would like to have a great and successful week. Don’t forget to leave a comment!
A lot of kisses XX Maria ❤

printed shirt: Romwe*
vintage jeans: Zara
cut-outs (Ceinture): Balenciaga
flap bag: Chanel
studded leather bracelet: Michael Kors